GJ-Lewis X

aka Guilford Lewis

  • I live in the underground of North Carolina
  • I was born on November 22
  • My occupation is sketching and drawing
  • I am 100% male of course
  • GJ-Lewis X

    Some Important News...

    October 17, 2015 by GJ-Lewis X

    Hello, guys and gals. I'm here to tell you that my friend Tyrannosaurus dude11 has already send an email to Wikia asking them to delete the old Wiki here and redirect it to the new Wiki.

    I suggest that all of you must hop in to the new Wiki immediately.

    This is I, Fredbear, signing out!

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  • GJ-Lewis X

    To the New-Wiki Mobile!

    August 16, 2015 by GJ-Lewis X

    Hey! Your buddy-old-pal Fredbear here! (I'm the alt account of GJ btw.) Few weeks/months ago, we decided to create a new Wiki, due to major vandalism chaos weeks ago...

    Grab your luggage and jump in here! We hope you'll stay and help the new Wiki to grow. :)

    Fredbear signing out!

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