The Torture Device is the main antagonist of the return to Freddy's 5. He is a torture suit made by Alison to be worshiped by the workers who slacked off at G.P.D. In The Return to Freddy's 5, you have to destroy it to beat the game, but BFP never described how.

Appearance Edit

He is a mostly brown suit, small parts which look like cages are on the inside of the arms. He takes the appearance of the Jester. The picture on the upper right is him from his hair that resembles the Jester's hat. If you look closely he has a bowtie. His new design resembles more of Torture Lockjaw. His spikes are now less like a jester hat and now each has a claw like a thing attaching the two parts together.

Gameplay Edit

The Return to Freddy's: Rebooted Edit

The Return to Freddy's Unfinished Demo Edit

Teasers Edit

Miscellanous Edit

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