The Return to Freddy's 2 (Alpha Test) is the original sequel to The Return to Freddy's, and the original version of The Return To Freddy's 2. It turned out much different then what the The Return To Freddy's 2's final version turned out to be. It featured returning mechanics from the first game, the Toxic Meter, the power limit, and the Freddy Head. Like the first game, the character models were taken from Five Nights at Freddy's 1 and 2. It is unknown what the plot would have been, but it seems to be similar to the final product's plot. It had an extremely small area, and was panned as being to hard to complete because Freddy was extremely overpowered.

Development: Edit

BFP originally was intending to make a sequel similar to the style of The Return to Freddy's. He released the alpha version to a certain amount of YouTubers to test it. These YouTubers included RiskRim and LuigiKid Gaming. At some point, he saw that the map was to small, and that it was somewhat unoriginal. He decided to scrap the game and make a new one, leading to The Return To Freddy's 2.

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