Shadow Golden Lockjaw jumpscare TRTF1

Shadow Puppet Jumpscare


The Texture(my version) of Shadow Puppet. Notice the hat looks like Lockjaw's hat.

Shadow Puppet is a Easter egg and only appears in the night 4 minigame in TRTF 2.


  • Shadow Puppet is one of the animatronics to have an animatronic counterpart. The others being Shadow Lockjaw, Shadow Freddy, and Shadow Bonnie.
  • When Shadow Puppet jumpscares you, it would crash the game.
  • It is also possible that Phone Guy from TRTF 1 was stuffed at some puppet suit like that.
  • Shadow Puppet could also represent Golden Lockjaw at the same time.
  • If you look at TRTF 1 Backstage it seems that it's small room even smaller than TRTF 2 Backstage, so where was Golden Lockjaw's and Lockjaw's location in TRTF (FNaF 1) pizzaria?
  • Shadow puppet has the same jumpscare of puppet in fnaf 2

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