Where you looking for Shadow Lockjaw or Lockjaw

Shadow Golden Lockjaw, was named "........" in the custom night, is a hallucination and a minor antagonist in The Return to Freddy's 2 Edit

Shadow Golden Lockjaw
IMG 1642
Vital statistics
Night All Nights
Gender Male
Starting Location Parts/Service
Physical attributes
Type Shadow Animatronic
Defended With Not Looking At Him

Shadow Golden Lockjaw is a minor antagonist and hallucination in The Return To Freddy's 2. But on the custom night he is know as .......


Shadow Golden Lockjaw shares a similar model to a Lockjaw in the TRTF series, only with a few minor things changed. He looks burnt, with small white pupils, similar to the phantom animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy's 3.

Unlike Lockjaw and similar to Golden Lockjaw, he also has 3 toes on each foot, and 4 fingers on each hand.


  • This animatronic is was originally named Legend by fans due to Shadow Golden Lockjaw being in the LEGEND setting in Custom Night. However, The Other Toy Freddy confirmed that this is named Shadow Golden Lockjaw.
  • Animatronic will send hallucinations to the player, if he will not immediately wear Freddy mask, he can be attacked by some other animatronic.


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