The Machine
[[File:{{{Hybird Lockjaw}}}|210px|Machine's Sprite from "The Hybrids" minigame.]]
Machine's Sprite from "The Hybrids" minigame.
Vital statistics
Night Unknown
Gender Other
Starting Location Freddy Fazbear's Factory
Physical attributes
Type Machine making Animatronics
Defended With Nothing
The Machine appears in TRTF: R, The Machine was supposted to make The Animatronics for children, but then Jester and the Purple Guy decided to change it to make hybrids.

Appearance Edit

The Machine appears in TRTF: R. The machine originally to made the animatronics but then Purple Guy (And possibly Jester) decided to change mind and make The Machine create hybrids.

Trivia Edit

  • The Machine might be controlled by crying childs.
  • Also PoniatorFilms told in the storyline that it started to make monsters after a visit from the Purple Guy.
  • Purple Guy might have caused problems to The Machine, which would explain why it creates monsters now.
  • Also The Machine is possibly controlled by The Puppet because PoniatorFilms confirmed he's the cause of everything in TRTF.

Gallery Edit

The Machine Broke

Broken Machine in 2043.

The Machine

The machine as it was built.