Hybird Lockjaw

Dug The Dog is a antagonist and a animatronic dog which appears in The Return To Freddy's 2. He is defended with the Mask not the Sound Lure.

Dug the Dog
[[File:{{{Hybird Lockjaw}}}|180pxpx|]]
Vital statistics
Night Night 4 (very inactive) Night 5
Gender Male
Starting Location Party Room 1
Physical attributes
Type Animatronic Dog
Defended With Sound lure

Appearance Edit

Dug is a light shade of brown with a dong colored snout. He has two long, droopy ears, each with a peach-like colored inside. He has two rosy red cheeks, and has freckles on either side of his snout. He has blue colored eyes with black eyebrows over each. His stomach is also a peach color, which sports three black controllers. If you look in his mouth his Endoskeleton is visible.

Location Edit

Dug will start out-of-camera in Party room 1. He will then move to the hallway outside the office.

Trivia Edit

  • Dug is the shortest animatronic in TRTF 2
  • Dug was based an character from the movie, UP.


Gallery Edit


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